For Mastering Your Finances

Breakthrough Strategies for Mastering Your Finances by Linda BinnsThis book is about you and your relationship with money.

There are many books out there about money, investment, budgeting etc. – but this book is different – it looks at money from another angle completely  –  it starts with you, and how you think about, and relate to, money. What happens for you with money is very much affected by how you think about money, how you relate to it, and what you believe about it.

How much energy you bring to those beliefs, and how you manage the energy in your life in general, will have a profound effect on how you manage money, and how wealthy you become.

This book introduces you to the concept of energy as it relates to money, it will help you identify how you think about money, and why, and it will give you some tools to help you make the changes that you choose, in how your relationship with money works.

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About the contributing authors:

Patricia Noel Drain is a Business Mentor teaching Owners, speakers, and coaches, how to make the money they deserve with what they already know.  She is a professional speaker,  international author and has built and sold seven companies to date.

Nick Drzayich specializes in helping the average American family better understand their finances and better handle their hard earned money.





A revelation!

This is just the type of book I had been looking for, and I am going to apply the strategies as suggested in Mastering your Finances straight away. It gave me a whole new perspective on my relationship with money and to view money as nothing more or nothing less than energy. My biggest challenge is to identify what exactly I want, and then let go of it. I very much liked the tone of the book, the useful checklists and the many brilliant ideas it gave me. Compliments to the authors!” —E.E. Heenk


Abundance is something we tune into.

The quote by Wayne Dyer in this book sums it all up: “Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into”.

I have been following the principles outlined in this book for years now and I can vouch for them because I have reached the enviable position where I have been debt free for years, I own my home and I am running a business I love.

So why am I reading this book? Because I have been in my comfort zone for years now and I need to upgrade it to a position of affluence where I can make a real change in the world. I want to create a centre for the study of the mind and consciousness and I need substantial amounts of money for this. It’s time to re-assess myself from the inside out.
Reading this book, I have noticed that I used to keep my house in pristine condition which made me feel good at all times. Recently I have been too busy and let it go, accumulating some clutter which has been eroding my sense of well-being. Another thing I need to do is re-establish my boundaries to make room for the new elements I want to bring into my life. The last thing I need to do is get rid of the thought “Huge amounts of money will be a distraction”. Now that I am clear about what I want to do with the money, I think this thought can become redundant.

Finally, setting intentions instead of goals is a much more powerful way to tackle the issue of money.

Having gleaned these insights about myself to clear the road for me, do I think this book is worth 5 stars. You bet I do.” —Nano Daemon


I loved this book! She knows her stuff.

The topics covered were exactly what I needed. The Action Steps were so practical. The Case Studies were very easy to relate to. I gleaned so many points that have not only helped me personally as a business owner, but that I can share with my students. It is obvious that Linda Binns knows what she is talking about and knows how to explain it in the most useful way. 

The author talks about this being an “Inside Job” and how to change your thinking and self-talk. It’s not psychology mumbo jumbo, but real strategies. All I can say is that if I could have written a book on this subject, this is what I would have written and how I would have written it. Great stuff!” — Amazon Customer

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